Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Next Gallery, First of the New Year!

Who can believe it, the Sauropod gallery marks the last entry into our time capsule collection for 2009. Our next gallery will be going up in the new year!?! Oh how time flies when your having fun!

Based on how busy most people's lives get around the holidays, especially in the time right before this gallery should be going up, we administrators have decided that for January's capsule we'd push the due date back a week. That way everyone doesn't have to worry about their Palaeo-art and submitting it till after the holiday's have settled down.

As an early X-Mas present we decided to make this gallery something of a free for all on the subject matter. It is nice to not always have criteria for one's art. We are also hoping this will encourage everyone to consider creating some palaeo-art in an otherwise stressful time of the year. As again you can do nearly anything you'd like!

The topic of the new year's capsule will be "palaeo-environments", and they will be going up January. 7 2010. So again that is an extra week before these pieces need to be in!

The criteria for this gallery is purposely nebulous so as to give you as much free reign as possible, while maintaining some accuracy restraints for our more scientifically concerned members. Our only requests are:

  • Only one approximate time period be depicted, and that the animals and plants you choose originate from it. We'd also request you consider geographic restrictions of your chosen organisms, and don't have beasts together that were in reality completely separate from each other geographically despite living at the same time.

  • Your piece show some nature of interaction in that environment. We simply mean here we don't want a simple portrait of an animal floating in empty space. That same portrait if framed by a reconstruction of the environment though would be fine, as it shows the plants that the animal coexisted (aka interacted with) when it was alive. If you're not keen on rendering the plants of a time period a piece depicting the interaction of just some of the animals would be fine too (even if this depiction happened in free floating paper space). Essentially we want either multiple animals (of the same or different species) and/or a full reconstruction of the environments for this gallery.

Many of the pieces we have recieved for our previous galleries meet these critera. So don't feel we're demanding something drastically different or involved. We're just wanting all submissions to the gallery to include these two considerations.

We hope these don't hamper your creative style, and if anything hope it opens them up! We see this as a case for you to create and submit a piece on your favourite prehistoric critter that otherwise probably won't stand a chance of getting its own time capsule, or showcasing your favourite fossil locality restored like its heyday!

So happy palaeo-holidays in advance from ART Evolved, and be sure to check back here January. 10 of next year to see all the prehistoric places that will hopefully be brought back from deep time!