Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pink Dinosaur #11

Pink Baby Dinosaurs by Lucy Walsh

Thanks Lucy!  Learn more about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Thanks also to Mark Strauss and Brian Switek over at Dinosaur Tracking for placing Pink Dinosaurs at the top of their Blog Carnival #24!  Cheers!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pink Dinosaur #10

Pink Phoenicopterus by Albertonychus

Our first avian dinosaur!  Thanks Albertonykus!

Learn more about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Pink Dinosaur #9

Pink Dinosaur by Lisa Bond

This cute pink dinosaur was created by my very own talented sister, Lisa!  Thank sis!

Learn more about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Pink Dinosaur #8

Pink Protoceratops by Michael Stearns

Learn more about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

 I would also like to thank David Tana of Superoceras for promoting Pink Dinosaurs on his site with this excellent post here!  He has even pledged to match a dollar for each pink dino he sends in!  Thanks very much David, and we look forward to posting your pink dinos!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pink Dinosaur #7

Pink T-Rex by Morgan O'Brien

Learn more about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Pink Dinosaur #6

Pink Maiasaura by David Orr

David is the wizard behind Love in the Time of Chasmosaur, the wonderful paleo blog!  Thanks David!

Learn about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pink Dinosaur #5

Pink Corythosaurus by Stuart Phelps

Learn about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Pink Dinosaur #4

Pink Dinosaur by Colleen Little

If you look carefully (click on the image to enlarge), you'll see the pink raptor is literally devouring cancer!

Learn about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pink Dinosaur #1

Our first Pink Dinosaur!  And a super cute one!  Thanks Chelsea!

Pink Dinosaur by Chelsea Gurney

The Pink Dinosaur stampede has begun!  Learn about the Pink Dinosaur Cancer Fundraiser here.

Special thanks to David Orr at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs and David Hone at Archosaur Musings for spreading the Pink Dinosaur word here and here respectively!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink Dinosaur Fundraiser for Cancer Research

Once upon a time, there was young man who liked to draw Dinosaurs, mostly for fun. One day he encountered a older cynical man who challenged him on the worthwhileness of this hobby. The cynic claimed that drawing Dinosaurs was a pointless endeavour, one that yielded no inherent benefit to society.

The younger man was upset by this, for while he knew that drawing Dinosaurs didn't necessarily combat the evils of the world nor fix humanity's problems, there was still something to it. He vowed to show the cynic how wrong they were. This month is the realization of that dream.

Today ART Evolved launches the first (of hopefully many) "PALAEO-ART FOR A DIFFERENCE!"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and what better way to promote awareness is there than with Pink Dinosaurs?!

ART Evolved is organizing a Pink Dinosaur Fundraising Event for the month of October to benifit cancer research. I personally know too many people who have passed away and who are currently battling cancer, as I am sure many of you do too. Pink Dinosaurs is hoping to raise $500 towards cancer research (through the Canadian Cancer Society).

There are two ways to donate with Pink Dinosaurs:

First, visit our Pink Dinosaurs event page and donate directly there.

Second, please SEND IN a picture of a pink dinosaur to us here at and ART Evolved's administration will donate one dollar for each pink dinosaur submitted. We will post each pink dinosaur here throughout October, so find that pink marker and start drawing!

Again, our Pink Dinosaur Event Page is Thank you so much for supporting us and the Canadian Cancer Society. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing many many pink dinosaurs here throughout October!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ART Evolved is onto another Top 50 blog lists!

Carrie Oakley of Online Courses has listed ART Evolved as one of the 50 Most Fascinating Blogs about Fossils!  Thanks Carrie!

6. Art Evolved: Life’s Time Capsule Fossils as art is the name of the game at this blog, which provides great images of sketches, paintings and tattoos all mimicking fossils.

We are in great company with many other wonderful blogs within the paleoblogsphere.  Be sure to check them out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

November Gallery will feature Elephants!

As the elephants beat saber-toothed cats and whales by a trunk in our latest poll, they will be the featured creature for
ART Evolved's November Gallery!

So get out your pens and paper, pixels and play-doh! Create your own elephant, mammoth, mastodon, stegodon, stegomastodon, or gomphothere, and submit it to!

UPDATE: The deadline for this prolific paleo-pachyderm party is
November 1, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pop Culture Gallery

Well here it is, a gallery like none before it here on ART Evolved. The Pop Culture Gallery. Where Prehistory meets fiction, and nothing but awesomeness follows.
Just stay out of the long grass!!!
If you have a submission you'd like entered into our tribute to Prehistoric Fiction please send it to
(Some of these pieces were uploaded by Craig, who has a problem with blogger in that pictures he uploads can not be enlarged from the proportions blogger shrinks them too. If you would like your submission to be one viewers can click on to enlarge please send us an email to and Peter will re-upload this pictures when he returns from vacation in mid September)


There Had Never Been Such a Herd Before... by Trish Arnold

20 x 22 inches, acrylic on canvas

Fig I: Funtosaurus Denverius by Trish Arnold

Fig II: Dinkusaurus cashinau by Trish Arnold

Fig III: Runtasaurus Bedrockii by Trish Arnold

Fig IV: Barnii irritatus by Trish Arnold

Fig V: Sesamepteryx spinney by Trish Arnold
Fig VI: Animesaurus McCayus by Trish Arnold

Trilo-Bytes by Lucy Walsh

The top left is the original picture painted in acrylics, the rest of the poster was created by using different settings on my camera then put together in Gimp.

Ammonite by Lucy Walsh

Trilobite by Lucy Walsh

Teaching a Raptor to Drink Tea by Craig Dylke
A piece inspired by fellow ART Evolved member Glendon joking to me in an email that my project of the time would be as hard as "teaching a Raptor to drink tea". The visual that statement conjured was too good not to be realized! 

"I'd just caught the biggest fish you'd ever seen when..." by Craig Dylke

A preview of an upcoming Traumador adventure called "Hunt for the Taniwha" (Traum's next story after the way over-run Dinosaur OH-lympics). All I'll say is that Taniwha is the traditional name the Maori had for their mythical Sea Monsters. As to what the monster Traumador is going to be hunting, well you'll just have to read and find out! 

A Skate They'll Never Forget by Craig Dylke

From Traumador the Tyrannosaur's The Tyrannosaur Chronicles.

The best game you can name is the good old hockey game by Craig Dylke

From Traumador the Tyrannosaur's The Tyrannosaur Chronicles.

Godzilla Contemplating Vancouver by Peter Bond

Portrait of Traumador the Tyrannosaur by Peter Bond

Dinobusters by Peter Bond
Who ya gonna call? It's Ghostbusters vs Zombie Dinosaur Ghost!

"I'm afraid of No Ghosts!" by Craig Dylke

My favourite franchise of the 80's battles my favourite critters of the prehistoric past, and it is a clash that makes sense. At least within the 80's franchises universe :P

This piece was a combination of elements. The Ghostbusters I photoshoped out of screen captures of the Atari video game (click to watch the trailer, and then go play the game!!!). The Tyrannosaur skeleton I borrowed from here. Finally the proton blasts and ghost glow I created in Carrara, and the background photo is one of mine from the Tyrrell.

My Fuzzy Friend by David Tana
As a child, and still today, it's always been a fantasy of mine to have a proper dinosaur as pet companion. The only place where I know this is possible is in the fantasy world where non-avian dinosaurs didn't go extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, and humans still evolved to their present form. This is me and my subadult Allosaurus fragilis, "Morrison". Probably not the best choice of dinosaur considering his feeding preferences. Done with simple pencil on paper. I don't think adding the fuzz and feathers to this tenaturan is a huge stretch - I certainly wouldn't have him any other way. 

Heavy Metal Inspired by Lisa Bond
I painted this one for my brother for Christmas. Who doesn't love hot ladies and dinosaurs?

Trilobite Boy Rocks Out by Glendon Mellow

This painting was commissioned by Karen Burke as a birthday present for
Mike Haubrich of Quiche Moraine.
Featuring the trilobite-human hybrid, Trilobite Boy putting on a killer show.

Girl & Dinosaur by Glendon Mellow

Done on my iPod Touch using Brushes. A girl encounters something in the leaves.

Triceratops by Stuart Phelps

The Body Builder by Anthony Contoleon
This piece was based on a training buddy who mentioned that his short arms are not that great for deadlifting.

From this Week's Issue by Brett Booth

From this Week's Issue by Brett Booth

From this Week's Issue by Brett Booth

 From this Week's Issue by Brett Booth

Dinosaur and Ninja Dance by Anthony Contoleon
An old school T-Rex playing a kazoo for a dancing ninja probably fits.

Carnotaurus by Stuart Phelps

Brachi by Stuart Phelps

Everyone knows that raptors are the best saurian predators in the world. In a world where everything else is dumb, slow, and cold blooded, they can rule supreme. With their slashing toe claws and strategic pack hunting, there is no herbivore these scaly demons can't take down, regardless of size. Their favorite prey are clearly the duckbills, since duckbills are entirely defenseless. When attacked, they do little more than groan in agony, allowing the super intelligent, speedy raptors to devour them alive. Sometimes, a duckbill may make an effort to make the game a little bit more challenging by attempting to run away, but it's so slow that the raptors, which can effortlessly run as quickly as cheetahs, swiftly catch up with it. It appears clear to me that duckbills evolved for the purpose of nourishing raptors, because it's only during the breeding season that duckbills are suddenly overcome with a sense of self preservation and, as quickly as their cold-blooded bodies allow, swarm en masse into the swamps where the water protects them and they can paddle around with their webbed feet. After all, if any meat-eating dinosaur wandered into knee-deep water, they'd clearly drown. After mating, the duckbills lay their eggs near the swamp, providing more food for the raptors. Unfortunately, everything about the duckbills screams senility, as it's quite evident that they couldn't evolve fast enough to keep up with the raptors' vastly growing intelligence. As their prey grew less and less challenging, the raptors were all abruptly bored to death some million billion years ago, which is why we never see any today. That is fortunate for us, as everyone knows that if the raptors didn't become extinct they'd develop into human-like forms and continue their reign as the dominant species on earth.

Mamenchisaurus by Stuart Phelps

Stegosaurs Green and Pink by Stuart Phelps

Iguanodon by Stuart Phelps

PROTOS! A Land Time Forgot! by Bruce-Earl Barr

We Interrupt this Capsule with A GEOGRATHY LESEON! This is a map of Protos, a Hidden continent in the Atlantic ocean, and where BEA is Set, (this is the first time I used Windows 7 Paint so forgive misspellings)

SCOTCH EGG!!!! by Bruce-Earl Barr
SCOTCH EGGS!!!!!!! THEIRE GOOD! based on a Flash Video I watched LINK HEARE! I’m a bit Cheesed that it never got into that OTHER gallery... BUT its HEAR now! PLZE go to Meh site! BEA Season 1 finally, AND BEA season2 COMING SOON!
PS. If you need any ideas for another capsule, here’s an idea, a BRUCE EARLS ADVENTURES capsule! Ok? ok! Now Good Luck!

 Dinobowl by Jennifer Hall

Volcanic Dino Cake by Sarah Snell-Pym

I made this for my five year old's Dinosaur-themed birthday party - she chose the theme!

The Volcano Mountain is honey and lemon sponge, the dinosaurs (which come in breeding pairs) are vanilla sponge, the nests are sponge with sugar coated chocolate eggs in them and the icing is chocolate orange butter icing (volcano), Mint butter icing (ground vegetation) and strawberry (the lava).  It was decided that it must be a special type of mud volcano and that the dinosaurs are there to help keep their nests warm as Jean (the five year old) was concerned the eggs would get destroyed by the lava!

None of the adults spotted the problem of having dinosaurs nesting on a live volcano! The kids also thrashed the adults (including me) on a dinosaur quiz!

Megalosaur in Chintz - A very English dinosaur. 
or 'Anyone for tea?' by Rachael Revelle

Mixed media collage A4.