Saturday, February 27, 2016

Waterhouse Hawkins Dinosaur 2

I'm now pretty set on my first animated project. A little more cornball and whacky. I realized probably best to do a one off, rather then tackle a potential series first.

So I'm going with old school Dinosaurs, in a more whimsical project that draws on my interests in palaeo-history.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Old School Dinosaur

Forget your feathers vs. no feathers. One of my doodle projects of late, is as old school a reconstruction as you can get ;)

I am thinking about animating him at some point.

Does anyone know of any 3D animated Waterhouse Hawkins style Dinosaurs?

By Craig Dylke

By Craig Dylke

By Craig Dylke

By Craig Dylke

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Craig's Animation Project- update #3

Been tinkering away on my animated project. I'm narrowing in on my format, and how to communicate some science.

The first step is I've rough recreated my favourite scene from Jurassic World... though when I say favourite one must understand this is very conditional, and only within the context of the film. I found JW to be a very painful waste of time (probably more so than even Jurassic Park 3).


Sunday, February 14, 2016

My (Dinosaur Related) Board Game Exploits

As I've mentioned in posts before, I've gone quiet on the palaeo-art front for the past three-ish years as I delved into free lance (and one semi-pro) board game design.

I find this is no longer holding my interest like it did, and that prehistory is starting to beckon (all be it in a new form... aka my upcoming animated project).

Still I thought it'd be worth a post on here to show off some of my prehistoric themed game productions.

You'll note not all these are solely based on my own 3D abilities. I tip my hat to the creators who were kind enough to make their models avaliable via CC liscense. All posts on the amazing collection of work over at 3D Sketchup Warehouse.

I emphasis here, none of my maps were ever for monetary sale... EVER! (Full Disclosure: I have bartered my time putting some of my maps together in exchange for gaming product. Only the Savage Land was such a commission out of these in this post)

So check out my Dinosaur themed maps.

Savage Land
Whole Composition and 3D assets by Craig Dylke

Canoe model by Sam..
Army Tent model by Battery519IDA
Camping Tent model by Iain M
All other 3D models, assets and photos by Craig Dylke

Jurassic Park: Raptor's Pen
Raptor Pen model by Tyradoraptor

JP Wrangler Jeep model by Alex89111
Raptor Cage model by Robert Pearce, AIA
The few other models, but definitely the lighting by Craig Dylke 

Jurassic Park: Visitor's Center
JP Explorer Jeep model by ruskofe.54
Jurassic Park Cafeteria Mural by Unknown (if you know who please let me know)
All other models, 3D assets, and textures by Craig Dylke

Jurassic Park: Tyrannosaurus Rex Paddock
JP Explorer Jeep model by ruskofe.54
JP Wrangler Jeep model by Alex89111
T-Rex Paddock Sign model by Francisco O.
JP Electric Fence model by Luca F (with heavy modification by Craig Dylke)
All other models and 3D assets by Craig Dylke

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Craig's Animation Project part 2

The more I tinker with my animation for potential Dino youtube video projects, the more ideas pop into my head (kind of how Traumador had very varied adventures throughout his tenure).

So while this one isn't directly related, I'm quite happy with it.

I'm starting to think tiny little "real" Jurassic Park sketches would be a good warm up to bigger projects. We'll just have to see.

Enjoy the Dolichorhynchops animation in the meantime ;)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Pledging to Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life

If you're anything like me (I.e. A life-long dino fan born in the 1980s), you probably grew up w/"Zoobooks" magazine. Wexo's "Zoobooks - Dinosaurs" (henceforth ZD: ) is my favorite issue of said magazine. I've always wanted a sequel issue or updated edition to ZD, but never thought there'd be 1. I then found out about "Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life: New Zoobooks Dinos for Kids" ( ) & pledged $25, the rewards for which include the new ZD. In short, I recommend that everyone pledges (especially if you like dinos or said magazine or have ever used Kickstarter).