Sunday, January 27, 2013

Introducing Vladimir Nikolov


My name is Vladimir Nikolov and I'm from Bulgaria, and consider myself paleontographer/paleoartist.
My paleontography website-
My paleoart gallery-
Best regards,
Vladimir Nikolov.

1. Reconstruction of Stegosaurus.

2. A pair of mating Dacentrurus armatus.

3. Resting Dryptosaurus.

4. Reconstruction of Xiaotingia zhengi.

5. Reconstruction of Kaatedocus siberi.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Stegosaur Gallery

Welcome to January 2013's Gallery of Stegosaurs!

Stegosaurs existed on this planet from the Middle Jurassic to Early Cretaceous (176-100 mya), quadruped herbivores covered with plates, scutes and spikes.  These weird and wonderful dinosaurs inspire the imaginations of the public and artists alike. 

Enjoy this selection of stegosaurs art from these talented artists in ART Evolved's Stegosaur Gallery!
Stegosaurus by Vasika Udurawane

A Stegosaurus with a bent thagomizer stands beside the sand at a Late Jurassic Morrison lake.
Miragaia longicollum by Yul Altolaguirre

I did most of these in 2008-9.  I was too lazy to draw up new Stegosaurs, but you never know.
Chialingosaurus by Luis Perez
Chungkingosaurus by Luis Perez
Dacentrurus by Luis Perez
Gigantspinosaurus by Luis Perez
Hesperosaurus by Luis Perez
Kentrosaurus by Luis Perez
Lexovisaurus by Luis Perez

Stegosaurus by Luis Perez
Jiangjunosaurus by Luis Perez
Sketch of Lexovisaurus in motion by Luis Perez
Miragaia by Luis Perez
Tuojiangosaurus by Luis Perez
Huayangosaurus by Luis Perez
Derpy Stegosaurus by Peter Bond
Stegosaur Blooper by Craig Dylke

My attempt at an All Yesterdays Stegosaur blooper (done way before the book came out!)

"Stegosaurus stenops" by David Tana

Life reconstruction of a Late Jurassic stegosaurid from the Morrison Formation.  Sketched in pencil on paper, scanned, and touched up digitally.  This is the first time I've tried to reconstruct an extinct animal from memory without working with a skeletal reference, so pardon the anatomical inaccuracy.
Stegi by Sarah Snell-Pym

Stegi is one of the Fimosaurs, she is made of fimo, a polymer clay that can be moulded like plasticine and baked in the oven.  She is sparkly with little seed beads for eyes.  She isn't an accurate model.
Stegosaurus by Ian (irimali)
Kentrosaurus by Ian (irimali)

We hope you have enjoyed this artistic look at ART Evolved's January 2013 Stegosaur Gallery!  If you are interested in submitting your artwork into any of the galleries, you can email us at

ART Evolved wishes everyone a happy New Year and a wonderful 2013!