Sunday, September 27, 2009

MORE Sauropods in Art!

Ever seen something so good that you have to show people more of it yourself? Well such is the case with sauropods... I noticed Peter Bond's pose on Sauropods in art, and I'm really impressed by all the amazing art he was able to find. However, I've got a few more "Sauropods in Art" that I'd like to share with you all as well. These may be especially useful if you're into drawing titanosaurs...

Argentinosaurus compared to a human (by Aldo Chiappe)
Mid-Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/basal titanosaur (?Argentinosauridae?)

Head and skull of Rapetosaurus (by Mark Hallett)
Late Cretaceous Madagascar
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lithostrotia/Saltasauridae/Nemegtosaurinae

Rinconsaurus (by Stephen O'Connor)
Late Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lithostrotia/Lithostrotia incertae sedis

Jobaria (by Stephen O'Connor)
Early Cretaceous north Africa (Sahara)
Grouping: Macronaria/late-surviving basal macronarian (perhaps a Camarasaurid)

Mamenchisaurus youngi (by Stephen O'Connor)
Middle Jurassic China
Grouping: Eusauropoda (or perhaps Neosauropoda)/Euhelopodidae (or Mamenchisauridae)

Sauropoda (and some prosauropoda) by Brian Franczak.
See if you can find Dicraeosaurus, Diplodocus, Haplocanthosaurus, Camarasaurus, Isisaurus, Omeisaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Saltasaurus.

Nenquensaurus (by Andrey Atuchin)
Late Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lithostrotia/Saltasauridae

Janenschia (by Andrey Atuchin)
Late Jurassic Tanzania
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/basal titanosaur (or possibly Andesauridae)

Isisaurus (by Andrey Atuchin)
Early Cretaceous India
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/basal titanosaur

Diplodocus and hatchlings (by Mick Ellison)

Brachiosaurus altithorax (by Mark Hallett)
Late Jurassic Colorado & Wyoming, USA
Grouping: Macronaria/Brachiosauridae/Giraffatitanae

Futalognkosaurus dukei (by Julius T. Csotonyi)
Mid-Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: Macronaria/Titanosauria/Lognkosauridae

Shunosaurus, Gasosaurus, and Huayangosaurus
(by Greg Paul - this is MOST of the full version)
Middle Jurassic China
Shunosaurus' grouping: Derived cetiosaurid/Transitional form

Apatosaurus herd (by Greg Paul) - an old-school yet still very accurate painting
Late Jurassic Colorado & Wyoming, USA
Grouping: Diplodocoidea/Flagellicaudata/Diplodocidae/Apatosaurinae

Apatosaurus rearing to feed (by Greg Paul) - classic version

Diplodocus herd fending off a river ambush by Allosaurus (by Greg Paul)
Late Jurassic Colorado & Wyoming, USA
Grouping: Diplodocoidea/Flagellicaudata/Diplodocidae/Diplodocinae

The Abelisaur Aucasaurus raids a titanosaur nest (by John Sibbick)
Mid-Cretaceous Argentina
Grouping: unknown - the sauropods here are just generic Patagonian titanosaurs.

A lone Ceratosaur observes An Apatosaurus stampede (by John Sibbick)

Chuanjiesaurus fends off Yangchuanosaurus (by Raul Martin)
Middle to Late Jurassic China
Conservative grouping: Eusauropoda/Mamenchisauridae
Radical grouping: Macronaria/Euhelopodidae/Mamenchisauridae (or perhaps somphospondyli?)

Pleurocoelus getting bitten by Acrocanthosaurus (by Greg Paul)
Early Cretaceous Texas, USA
Grouping: Macronaria/Brachiosauridae/Pleurocoelinae

Tendaguru Scene: Brachiosaurus (Giraffatitan) brancai and Dicraeosaurus hansemanni (by Greg Paul)
Late Jurassic Tanzania
Brachiosaurus grouping: Macronaria/Brachiosauridae/Giraffatitanae
Dicraeosaurus grouping: Diplodocoidea/Flagellicaudata/Dicraeosauridae

Camarasaurus, Barosaurus, and Apatosaurus feeding (by Greg Paul)
Late Jurassic Wyoming, USA

Diplodocus herd (by Raul Martin)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sauropods in Art

With one month to go before the Sauropod Gallery hatches, it is time for an overview of Sauropods in Art!

What is there to say about sauropods that hasn't been said before? Nothing, so I won't bore you with repeated information and technical mumbo-jumbo. If you want to learn about sauropods, click here for Wikipedia, here for Skeletal Drawings and here for SV-POW! With the following artistic restorations of the genera, I have tried to pick up-to-date, exciting, and rare pieces, that hopefully some of you will not have seen before. Hopefully, you will be inspired to create something great for November 1st!

Restorations of Sauropod Genera
Click the artwork to ENLARGE it - see the DETAIL!


Barapasaurus by Dmitry Bogdanov

Patagonsaurus by Mineo Shiraishi

Rhoetosaurus by Brian Choo

Isanosaurus by Luis V. Rey

Omeisaurus by Greg Paul

Omeisaurus by Dinoraul

Mamenchisaurus by Raul Martin

Mamenchisaurus by ДиБгд

Mamenchisaurus by Mark Hallett

Shunosaurus by Greg Paul

Cetiosaurus by John Temperton


Apatosaurus by Todd Marshall

Apatosaurus by Mineo Shiraishi

Apatosaurus by Ely Kish

Apatosaurus by Raul Martin

Barosaurus by John Gurche

Barosaurus by Michael Skrepnick

Diplodocus by Tim Bradley, the artist behind the Jurassic Park Institute art

Diplodocus by Doug Henderson

Diplodocus by Todd Marshall

Diplodocus by Mark Witton

Seismosaurus (with two apatosaurs) by Julius T. Csotonyi

Seismosaurus by Mark Hallett

Supersaurus, Ultrasaurus, Seismosaurus by John Sibbick

Supersaurus by Raul Martin

Supersaurus by Luis V. Rey

Amargasaurus by Pixeldust

Amargasaurus by Luis V. Rey

Brachytrachelopan by ArthurWeasley

Dicraeosaurus by ДиБгд

Nigersaurus by Mineo Shiraishi

Nigersaurus by Todd Marshall

Rebbachisaurus by Zhang Zongda

Rebbachisaurs by Felipe A. Elias


Camarasaurus by James Gurney

Camarasaurus by Raul Martin

Jobaria by Michael Skrepnick

Brachiosaurus by Raul Martin

Brachiosaurus by John Conway

Brachiosaurus by John Sibbick

Brachiosaurus by Brian Franczak

Brachiosaurus by Gregory S. Paul

Giraffatitan by Gabriel Lio

Sauroposeidon by Heather Kyoht Luterman

Agustinia by El Noasaurus

Argentinosaurus huenculensis Chased by Pack of Giganotosaurus carolinii by Todd Marshall

Argentinosaurus by Raul Martin

Paralititan by Todd Marshall

Neuquensaurus by Pablo Lara Herrera

Titanosaurus colberti by Mineo Shiraishi

Saltasaurus by Alain Beneteau

That completes a general overview of sauropod genera recreations. Stay tuned for a continuation post, where I'll review early attempts at restoring sauropods, from Knight to Zallinger (Hey! That means you, Mr. Draggy-tail!)