Friday, September 4, 2009

Art Evolved in EARTH Magazine

In the September 2009 issue of EARTH Magazine, you can find a two-page profile of Art Evolved by Carolyn Gramling. There is artwork by Zach Miller, Glendon Mellow (me) and Art Evolved founders Craig Dylke and Peter Bond. There's a nice interview with Craig and Peter as well. Manubu Sakamoto is also mentioned. That's our headline there on the cover: Paleo-artists get creative.

We're a big group, and I suppose editorial and space restraint can't include every one of our contributors, and it's some great press for all of us at Art Evolved, and what we're all about.
The article clearly mentions the diversity of artwork you can find here, and that makes me thrilled! We should all take a bow and eat cookies, and thanks to Craig and Peter for bringing us together.