Sunday, July 10, 2016

Save Mongolia's Dinosaurs

When I took the "Jurassic World Challenge", I had trouble choosing between "real world paleontological research" & "independent paleontological illustration", so I funded both w/2 separate contributions ( ). If you're anything like me, you had trouble too. Now you can fund both w/just 1 contribution by backing "Save Mongolia's Dinosaurs | Indiegogo" ( ): Not only can you "buy a piece of artwork", but also "fund a science outreach and conservation expedition across Mongolia"; I bought Willoughby's "Velociraptor mug", mostly b/c 1) it's the most expensive piece I can afford, 2) it's the most beautiful Velociraptor I've ever seen, & 3) I thought it'd go nicely w/my "Tea Raptor Mug". Even if you took the "Jurassic World Challenge" w/no trouble, you should still back "Save Mongolia's Dinosaurs | Indiegogo" b/c it's important to Mongolia & thus important to paleontology (See the Orr quote for why; Also, see Werning's "Why Paleontology Is Relevant" for why paleontology is important to us: ).
Quoting Orr ( ): "Mongolia is undoubtedly one of the most important countries in the history of palaeontology, but too many important fossils have been taken away. A new crowdfunding effort seeks to bring the wonder of Mongolia's scientific treasures to the country's children via a moveable museum. "Kids in the communities we visit will board the moveable museum to experience the interactive exhibits, and join classroom activities about dinosaurs, fossils and the relationship of dinosaurs to modern birds." Pledge your support today!"