Monday, June 22, 2015

The Jurassic World Movie and Challenge

I saw "Jurassic World" (Vincent's "Jurassic World review: not your father's de-extinction theme park" sums up my opinion of the movie: ) & took the "Jurassic World Challenge" ( ). At 1st I was like, "There are many paleo researchers & independent paleoartists. How [am I] to decide which ones to give $ to?", but then Orr was like, "if you have trouble choosing, I'd choose a place that is close to you, or simply choose to buy a piece of artwork from a favorite artist", so I did: 1st, I bought Willoughby's "Tea Raptor Mug" for $22.94 (See "Merchandise" under "Store": ), mostly b/c I thought it'd go nicely w/my "1992 Jurassic Park Dinosaur Coffee Mug Cup By Dakin" ( ); Then, I donated $22.94 to the Burke Museum's "Dinosaur Endowment" (which supports vertebrate paleontology: ), mostly b/c I wanted to commit to eventually moving to Seattle. In short, I recommend that everyone sees the movie & takes the challenge (especially if you like dinos or science or have ever seen "Jurassic Park").

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, my ticket price was $12.75.


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