Sunday, August 16, 2015

My 1st dino-related career activity!

"Franklin Park Zoo (Condor Enclosure)":

As you may remember, the old plan was "to use my experience at Eastern National Boston to get a similar job at a natural history institution" ( ). Apparently it worked, b/c as of this past March, I'm an Admissions and Membership Associate at the Franklin Park Zoo ( ). I wanted to tell you right then, but decided to wait until after my 1st Employee Performance Evaluation just to be safe. This job is very important to me for 2 main reasons: 1) It's at a dino museum (not in the traditional sense, but a dino museum nonetheless) & thus my most career-related job yet;* 2) I have cool new responsibilities (E.g. Selling both tickets & memberships). The new plan is to use my experience at the Franklin Park Zoo to get a similar job at a dino museum in Seattle ( ). Once I've settled down at said museum, I'll start volunteering there as a natural history interpreter.

*By "traditional", I mean "non-bird". Speaking of which, the "Condor Enclosure" is my favorite exhibit. It makes me feel like I'm in the "Isla Sorna Aviary" ( ).

P.S. To celebrate my 1st Employee Performance Evaluation, I bought an alligator magnet (which looks like this, but w/"Stone Zoo" instead of "Everglades National Park": ). Isn't it beautiful?