Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Tyrannosaur Gallery

Welcome to the Tyrannosaur Gallery, ART Evolved's final gallery for awhile.

As readers have probably noticed, both Craig and I have been posting less frequently on this blog.  In fact, we feel it is time to step back and take a break from ART Evolved for the time being.  Life has a way of getting in the way of life, and Craig and I feel we can't commit the amount of time needed to keep up the quality of ART Evolved.  We will leave the site online, but sleeping.  Perhaps sometime in the future, we will revive ART Evolved, but for now she rests.

Looking back, we have had a fantastic 4 years creating a community for talented artists and palaeontology enthusiasts to come together and share ideas and inspiration.  We hosted 20 themed galleries, with over 100 artists participating from around the world.  We raised over $500 for cancer research with Pink Dinosaurs.  We hosted tutorials and debated important questions, such as "What is palaeoart?" We promoted the talents of our readers, and defended their artistic rights as well.  Craig and I even had the pleasure to meet several of you!  You are all absolutely wonderful!

With that being said, we will be ending ART Evolved's regular Time Capsule Galleries with our favourite prehistoric animal:  the Tyrannosaurs.

Please enjoy the wonderful work of many talented artists below in the Tyrannosaur Gallery!
(Click on the images to enlarge them)

Head of T-rex with Spectacular Plumage by Christoffer Gertz Bech

Starry Tyrannosaur by Harrison Cooper

Teenage Tyrannosaurus by Vassika Udurawane

Tyrannosaurus Mother and Child by Vassika Udurawane

Yutyrannus Trio in Winter by Vassika Udurawane

Swimming Albertosaurus by Vassika Udurawane

Swimming Albertosaurus makes a playful snap at some small butterflies. The dinosaur is fully feathered, even to the point of those always-prominent jaw muscles being covered. It also has lips. I am tired of the old "roaring tyrannosaur" trope, and this one's mouth is open for a reason. Also, all animals play, especially intelligent carnivores, so why not dinosaurs too?

Dragon from Jiayuguan by Elia Smaniotto

The "Destroyer" Gets A Cleaning by The Nanotyrant

This is my drawing of Bistahieversor sealeyi with a weird twist. Similar to how some animals have birds eat out of their mouths to clean them, this tyrannosaur has an enantiornithe cleaning its teeth. It's inspired by All Yesterdays.

The Singing T-rex by Trish Arnold

Three Yutyrannus Moon by Trish Arnold

Awesome Overload by Trish Arnold

Traumador the Tyrannosaur by Albertonykus

GEOL 204 by Albertonykus

A dramatization of taking Dr. Thomas Holtz's course on the fossil record, "Dinosaurs, Early Humans, Ancestors & Evolution: The Fossil Record of Vanished Worlds of the Prehistoric Past" (GEOL 204).
The text references songs Holtz plays at the beginning of each lecture.

Tyrannosaurus 2003 by Peter Bond

Tyrannosaurus 2006 by Peter Bond

Tyrannosaurus 2008 by Peter Bond

Traumador the Tyrannosaur 2010 by Peter Bond

Tyrannosaurus 2010 by Peter Bond

Tyrannosaurus 2013 by Peter Bond

Albertosaurus into the sunset by Craig Dylke

Thank you so much for checking out ART Evolved's last Time Capsule, the Tyrannosaur Gallery!

On behalf of Craig and myself, I'd like to sign off by saying thank you so much for supporting ART Evolved and to continue to push yourself artistically, recreating wonderful worlds for the past.

Thank you,

       Craig Dylke and Peter Bond

So long and thanks for all the fish!