Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dr. David Hone's Project Daspletosaurus

If you've missed it blogger extraordinaire Dr. David Hone is trying to crowd source the funds to allow him to travel to my old stomping grounds of Alberta Canada to study some possible cannibalistic behaviour in the tyrannosaurid Daspletosaurus.

Logo by David Orr
He has had quite an army of palaeo-art powerhouses rally around the project offering support.

The lovely logo was provided by AE's long standing friend David Orr of Love in the time of Chasmosaurs.

David O is also offering a wide range of swag with the logo, all proceeds going towards to project.

By Brett Booth
Brett Booth of comic fame has drawn this cool pic of Marvel's Kazar and Shanna sneaking around a Daspletosaur. The original is for sale and again the money goes towards Dr. Hone's project.

By Luis Rey
Luis Rey has also produced this incredible piece, which will soon also be for sale helping with the project.

So if any of these artworks are something you must have, remember that their purchase is helping actual research occur!!!

Also if you just wanted to help Dr. Hone's project the link is here again to make your donation.