Tuesday, September 1, 2009

November's Upcoming Gallery

Just barely pulling a head, in a neck and neck race (pun intended :P) on our gallery opinion poll, the Sauropods beat out Terror Birds by a slim margin.

Meaning Novemeber's gallery will be none other then...

The colossal long necked Sauropods! Who probably don't need much of an introduction. Being though, that we love to talk all things palaeo here on ART Evolved, be prepared in the upcoming two months for plenty of discussion on all things Sauropod, and given that they were the largest animals to ever walk the Earth they should give us some big topics to engage!
So if your a palaeo-artist or just a Dinosaur enthusiast, throw together a restoration of a Sauropod in any medium you'd like and send it our way (artevolved@gmail.com). We will post any and all submissions we receive. Just make sure to include your name (for the credit), any text you want accompanying/explaining the piece, and the link for your website or blog for our visitors to check out.