Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pop Gallery coming soon... Just not today (Sorry!)

Okay I know how lame this is, but I wasn't able to get to the gallery again tonight!

In my defense I had a VERY long day today, negotiating my new contracts at work, and dealing with the various new qualifications and drivers license I need to do my job (after this I'm going be able to drive a bus!!!). While tomorrow looks probably worse in many ways, I'll try to sneak onto it in the morning before my driving test.

If you really need to blame someone (I can tell you're first instinct would be to blame poor old me) your wraith should really be directed at Peter. He is the one who choose to go away right when the gallery was supposed to go up. This is all his fault :P

The good news is during my delay we had 3 new pieces submitted today. So at this rate I could almost get away with further pause, and we'd end up with a HUGE gallery. Not that I'm expecting this trend to continue for long, so I will get in up before Sunday. Promise!

Have an entry for the gallery? Send it to with links to your website/blog/online gallery and any desired accompanying text.

So hopefully the Pop Culture Gallery here tomorrow... Saturday at the latest!