Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink Dinosaur Fundraiser for Cancer Research

Once upon a time, there was young man who liked to draw Dinosaurs, mostly for fun. One day he encountered a older cynical man who challenged him on the worthwhileness of this hobby. The cynic claimed that drawing Dinosaurs was a pointless endeavour, one that yielded no inherent benefit to society.

The younger man was upset by this, for while he knew that drawing Dinosaurs didn't necessarily combat the evils of the world nor fix humanity's problems, there was still something to it. He vowed to show the cynic how wrong they were. This month is the realization of that dream.

Today ART Evolved launches the first (of hopefully many) "PALAEO-ART FOR A DIFFERENCE!"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and what better way to promote awareness is there than with Pink Dinosaurs?!

ART Evolved is organizing a Pink Dinosaur Fundraising Event for the month of October to benifit cancer research. I personally know too many people who have passed away and who are currently battling cancer, as I am sure many of you do too. Pink Dinosaurs is hoping to raise $500 towards cancer research (through the Canadian Cancer Society).

There are two ways to donate with Pink Dinosaurs:

First, visit our Pink Dinosaurs event page and donate directly there.

Second, please SEND IN a picture of a pink dinosaur to us here at artevolved@gmail.com and ART Evolved's administration will donate one dollar for each pink dinosaur submitted. We will post each pink dinosaur here throughout October, so find that pink marker and start drawing!

Again, our Pink Dinosaur Event Page is http://cancerevents.kintera.org/pinkdinosaurs. Thank you so much for supporting us and the Canadian Cancer Society. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing many many pink dinosaurs here throughout October!