Monday, September 6, 2010

Pop Culture Gallery on Labour Day (Tomorrow!)

Yes the Pop Culture Gallery still isn't up... For that we the administrators apologize.

In our defense, myself and Peter are both in the educational field. Meaning that September is a pretty big change in schedule and lifestyle. In Peter's its an end to summer school, and a one month break before subbing starts. For me it is the beginning of classes and working with the kids. In the end bad for ALL our internet projects.

SO after a really chaotic (and annoying) end to my 6 day work week, I had my first day of the long weekend occupied with just catching up to important life stuff. Tomorrow is my first actual day off in a while. The good news I have allotted some time to the Gallery (all the current submissions are uploaded, I just need to cut and paste description and links and assemble the blurb).

With now nearly a week extra you can't say you didn't have the time. So send that entry into with links to your website/blog/online gallery and any desired accompanying text.

So watch for the Pop Culture Gallery here tomorrow, or I resign!!!