Sunday, October 4, 2009

Going Pro...

Welcome to Going Pro at Art Evolved.

Here at Art Evolved, we showcase the professional, and the hobbyist, the serious amateur and the enthusiastic student.
Right now some contributors may be wondering how to break into the next tier on the path toward becoming a professional. I am hoping to share what I have learned so far with the crew.

Alright; time to establish my street cred. I’ve been making art off and on for commissions for about 15 years , and began to really pursue freelance work about 2.5 years ago when I launched my blog The Flying Trilobite. That has led to more people inquiring about commissions, some published illustrations, and it’s incredibly rewarding. I’m currently finishing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours I left 99% unfinished a number of years ago for personal reasons. My illustrations have been published in magazines and books, and commissioned for blogs. You can see more about my work at my bio.

Am I a professional? Well, depending on how you define it, yes and no. I have been published, dealt with contracts and deadlines, and a certain amount of commissions are in demand, so in that sense yes. On the other hand, I do not yet make my primary income from art. It feels like it’s on the way.

So I’d like to share. Please feel free to share with me in the comments of these posts. I will try to maintain this inaugural Going Pro post as an index on future posts in the series.

What can you expect? Well,

-Let's learn about copyright

-Contract considerations
-Is there a time and place to waive fees?

-Possibly we’ll discuss different artists’ organizations, such as the GNSI.

-American Orphan Works legislation

-and other suggestions from members and readers of Art Evolved.

Next Going Pro: we’ll dip our toes in the copyright ocean.