Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Artist Spotlight: Teddy Cookswell

With some of the recent publicity ART Evolved has been recieving lately, and our ever increasing appearances in google searches, we have been getting a number of interested Palaeo-Artists contacting us. One of them in particular, who you are about to "meet", sent us in a whole portfoilio of his work. It was so nice we decided we had to share it!

Thus we present for your viewing pleasure the first ever ART Evolved guest artist spotlight. If you're a palaeo-artist who'd like your work featured on this site, send us an email at and we'll get the ball rolling.

Our first guest artist is Kazu Otsuka from Tokyo Japan, but As he signs his work as Teddy Cookswell we'll be referring to him as this from here on in.

Teddy is a designer and has seen his work used in many Japanese museums and aquariums over the past nineteen years. He recently in his spare time started on a huge palaeo-art project. The creation of a short animated film entitled “THE LIFE”, which highlights Teddy's favourite moments throughout the evolution of life. Taking up this project he has had to not just educate himself on prehistoric creatures, but also the artistic medium of CGI.

Despite the hardships of taking on an entire film by himself, Teddy says he has really been enjoying the process. Among his favourite subject matters are Placoderms and Dinosaurs.

You can find Teddy Cookswell's website at this link, and the prototype of his film "THE LIFE" here.

We are now quite proud to host this sampling of Teddy's work, and hope you enjoy it too!

All the works belong are the property and copyright of Kazu Otsuka, and we host them with permission.


Albertonykus said...

Very cool! ArtEvolved is getting more famous every day!

Glendon Mellow said...

Fantastic! Tremendous work, Mr. Cookswell! I like the rocklike textures, weathered and worn.

teddycookswell said...

Thank you very much posting my works.
I made a short scene “Styracosaurs under Daspletosaurus”

Thanks for your comment.

Glendon Mellow,
Thanks, too.
There is a lot of works ahead in front of me, but I will do.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

realy cool!

davidmaas said...

Good to see another animator. Nice work!

I think that Daspletosaurus would look better if those deep black shadows aren't... erm, black. Rely more on an ambient occlusion pass (baked or dynamic) if you don't render with GI, or an array of shadow-mapped spots...

teddycookswell said...


Thanks for your advice.
I do not have a skill to use ambient occlusion pass or others now.
But I will in the future!