Sunday, March 1, 2009

Member Bio: Peter Bond

Teacher and amateur Artist

Craig and I started ART Evolved for one reason. To share art and technique about recreating dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, plants and ancient landscapes. As someone who loves art of extinct life, I found that there really wasn't a community of amateur palaeo-artists on the net. ART Evolved aims to bring together everyone who shares our love for art from Earth's history.

As with most of our artist members, I started drawing dinosaurs at a very young age. My first dino sketch was probably a tyrannosaur as it was my favorite (and it still is!) Drawing evolved into ink, pencil crayons, watercolours, and acrylic paints. I remember painting a huge mural of a T-rex on my bedroom door, and then another one (below) at high school (jumping off a cliff - why was he jumping? I have no idea!) My dog, Toby, for scale.

After high school, I pursued a career in palaeontology, but only finished the geology degree. I realized then that, to really be a true palaeontologist, I'd have to do a masters and a phD - I was more interested in teaching. So that's what I did. In the end, I am not a palaeontologist but a public school teacher (where I am able to share my passion for science!)

My art is varied and evolving as life is, but I mainly experiment in pencil, ink, acrylic and watercolour paint (with dabblings in sculpture, pastel and conte.) Photography is also aLink passion of mine which might show up on this blog. Check out my personal blog, Bond's Blog, to see my photos (and rambles on my life). I am also a member of the creative production group Prehistoric Insanity Productions, which runs ART Evolved.

Below is a sampling of my prehistoric artwork over the years:

Triceratops horridus from the Belfast Natural History Museum in pencil

A series of cards depicting the heads of Alberta dinosaurs (left-right, top-down) Ornithomimus, Albertosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Parasaurolophus.

Dinosaur cartoons

Tyrannosaurus rex in a thunderstorm in acrylics

Megalosaurus bucklandii in watercolour and photoshop

Minmi paravertebra in watercolour and photoshop

Ammonite in acrylics

I look forward to where ART Evolved ends up going. Hopefully becoming a unique place where anyone can submit prehistoric art and share in a creative, supportive educational environment. Sharpen your pencils, here we go...

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