Sunday, March 21, 2010

Revamp Conundrum

I know it is a little off the topic of our upcoming Ichthyosaur gallery, but I have an immediate artistic problem that needs your help!

As many of you may (or may not) know I am the principle force behind Traumador the Tyrannosaur and his ongoing blog. Lately I've fallen behind on getting the little guy's (mis)adventures up, due to creating tons of new 3D art for his upcoming Dinosaur Winter Olympics.

Among this new art is a complete redo on Traum's love interest, the lovely Lillian the Albertosaur. It is in reconstructing Lillian I've hit my problem, and I need your opinion!

You can check out the full story (along with references) here on my blog. In a nutshell though my problem is this, Lillian was originally based on a popular sculpture of an Albertosaur by Brian Cooley. Of course recreating my own posable and virtual Lillian resulted in a drastic departure between the two. My revamp this weekend making the difference is even more extreme.

Does this defeat the purpose of my paying tribute to a childhood favourite piece of art? Or is it okay I've taken my own direction with the concept, as my Lillian's adventures are not supposed to directly link to the statue?

Please let me know your thoughts either in the comment section here or on my blog.

Also a quick plug for am upcoming Traum adventure that will be nothing more than a huge series of Palaeo-art posts! The 2010 Dinosaur Winter Games.

Yes, I know they are a bit late. I tried my best to get them up as soon as possible. However the amount of 3D prep work needed was huge. Added to this I've been in the middle of my third move in 4 months!

Please don't let their being a month late take away from the Olympic spirit intended. So please check them out this week, and cheer for your favourite team (representing 5 different regions)!