Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life; nostalgic window on evolution

Some fantastically modern artwork from 1959. Use the contents drop-down menu to go the the “Where Evolution Stands Today” article. Check out the ads along the way. I adore the way that evolution is embraced by this popular magazine and - yeah, feel nostalgic.
Note: cross-posted from my blog because this is just too cool.


Peter Bond said...

Fantastic fine! Yeah, I absolutely loved the nostalgic feel - especially of the ads! Love the coelocanth pic you featured!

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Sorry David I meant to comment on this last night (had a few zillion things going on this weekend! Update on my blog coming very soon)

I really enjoyed this piece of palaeo art history as well. It is interesting how Coelocanth depictions haven't changed much over the years... Yet would they all look like the modern ones people are using as references?

davidmaas said...

Thanks guys, I was amazed at the modernity of nearly all the illustrations.
Craig - how was the talk?