Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The One Year Anniversary Time Capsule!

It is hard to believe ART Evolved is coming up on the end of its first year in March. In some ways the time has just flown, but yet we've hosted so much productivity it seems like longer at the same time.

Regardless of how this time has passed for you, the fact remains we're coming up on our seventh gallery and so you're probably wanting the topic. Through the results of our most popular poll yet, the clear winner was...

The bizarre plant eating Theropods the Therizinosaurs!

So get those pieces created and submitted by March 1st! Remember to email us your piece to, and include with it any text captioning you wish to accompany your work, and also your web links for your blog, website, and or other online hub.

As an added incentive to create a Therizinosaur, the magazine Prehistoric Times is looking to publish palaeo-art of these creatures (for free mind you). So here's a chance to get double the mileage from your art. Preview the piece here at ART Evolved, and then possibly get it published in print next!

Also be sure to stay tuned for discussions on all things Therizinosaurs on ART Evolved. We'll bring you examples of previous Therizinosaur recreations, and tackle some of the more confusing and interesting aspects of restoring these bizarre beasts.