Sunday, January 17, 2010

Live Blogging Therizinosaurs?

With things hopefully calming down in your life after the holidays, and the calender slowly progressing towards the ART Evolved one year anniversary gallery (on Therizinosaurs) we thought it might be time to mobilize some...

Live Blogging!

For those new to the concept, live blogging (here at ART Evolved anyways) is where the artist of a piece documents the various steps that go into the creation of the artwork. This record can be either posted literally live as you work, or simply recorded and presented in order later.

We will be setting up another live blog central hub for the March gallery shortly (for a sample hub go to our first live blogging event here). So if you are interested in live blogging let us know when (with the day you'll be starting, so people know when to tune in) and where (your blog or website address) in either this posts comment section or send us it in an email
Even if you cven if you can't get to live blogging, please consider creating a Therizinosaur piece this March, and sending it in to