Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prehistoric Times Submissions

(Thanks Mike Fredericks for the image)

I am sure most of you know of the magazine Prehistoric Timesthe mag for dinosaur enthusiasts and collectors of palaeo merchandise.  For those who don't, the magazine also showcases the work of amateur and professional palaeo-artists, with each issue focusing on two specific prehistoric critters.  In fact, many of the artists seen here at ART Evolved have had their work published in Prehistoric Times!  The current issue features brachiosaurs and includes Nima's Brachiosaur Parade!

The next deadline for submissions for art to Prehistoric Times is December 10th, featuring Stegosaurus and Anomalocaris.  We at ART Evolved highly recommend submitting art - not only to be published but also for the opportunity to create discussion.

In fact, as Anomalocaris was featured in a previous ART Evolved gallery,  Craig and I were thinking of submitting some of our pieces together under an "ART Evolved banner."  What we were wondering is: does anyone want to join us in a joint submission?

Leave a comment below, or email us at artevolved at and we'll work something out!
Here is Prehistoric Times' website.