Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lights are going on!

Over on Weapon of Mass Imagination I am currently taking on 3D lighting in all its glory and fury... It is a part of my CG art I've never really tackled seriously before, and I'm learning some interesting (and hard) lessons.

I'm engaged in a rather large (and some have rightfully claimed ambitious) attempt to break down 3D lighting to all its various isolated elements and catalogue what each can do. You can visit my current breakdown of ambient lighting here. Other variables of lighting are coming soon.

I've also made some amusing mistakes. Check out the rather silly and sci-fi blooper I got from trying to light this Gorgosaurus here.

There really isn't much point to learning 3D lighting if I have nothing to use it on. So follow my efforts to build up the following scene above from the ground up (quite literally). I'd love feedback on my somewhat unorthodox choice of Dinosaur social behaviour.