Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Call for Conference Art

Ever wanted to get your work seen by a whole room full of palaeontologists? Well ART Evolved's old friend Scott Persons might just have an offer for you.

Scott will be doing a presentation at the 2011 Hadrosaur Symposium at the Royal Tyrrell Museum this September, and he is looking for some art to help liven up his talk.

We can't go into too much detail on Scott's research before his talk, but we can say it involves comparing Hadrosaurs' running abilities to Tyrannosaurs'. You'll no doubt be able to figure out Scott's conclusions none the less from his art requests (but you'll have to wait for the details later).

To add some interest and humour to his talk, Scott wishes to have an illustrated race between a duckbill and Tyrannosaur (genera and species are up to you). If you wish to anthropomorphize the Dinosaurs and the race, feel free to do so, as Scott has requested accessories like running shoes, leg warmers, and running gear.

For his talk he wishes to have the following three pictures:

1. A hadrosaur and a tyrannosaur at the starting line of the race with human referee to officiate.

2. The human referee firing the starting pistol to begin the race, and the tyrannosaurs leaving the hadrosaur in the dust.

3. A picture of the race after it has gone on for a while, with the hadrosaur triumphantly busting through the finish line and an exhausted tyrannosaur plodding up behind.

He has requested the finals be in colour, but beyond that you are free to experiment with style and format.

Now for the business details of this request. Scott can not offer payment for this artwork, and as of such artist's are warned right away this is non-negotiable. You'll be required to give Scott permission to, obviously, use these pieces in his talk, but he also hopes for future use in press releases if they should materialize about this research. We leave the exact details of these permissions to be between submitting artists and Scott. If your work is selected by Scott it will be seen by many of the world's top scientists at the biggest Dinosaur specific conference of this year, and possibly many more if and when they are used in a press release.

If you are interested, submit a single completed piece from the three requested, and Scott will choose from these his final artist (who will then complete the two other needed cartoons). As the conference is in just under two months, the submission deadline will be September. 1st, and Scott will need all three completed pieces by September. 20th.

Send submissions to Scott at

Let the race begin, and good luck to all applicants!