Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pink Dinosaur Oct. 31st Update!

What an amazing even Pink Dinosaurs has turned out to be!  Can you believe we have over 180 pink dinosaur submissions so far?  Thank you so much! This is far more than we had expected when we began this breast cancer fundraiser - we are almost at 200! 

As October ends today (Happy Halloween, by the way!), you may be wondering where Pink Dinosaurs goes from here.  So far, we have raised $202 from direct donations at our Event Page towards our goal of $500.  Once we add the donation from ART Evolved's administration ($1 for every pink dinosaur submission = $182 so far), the total will be $384.  We're not quite there yet!

As I KNOW there are more submissions to post, and probably a few more coming in late, we are extending Pink Dinosaurs until November 10th!  This allows you an extra week to finish your pink macaroni glue project and email it to us at

On November 11th, we will donate the number of submissions to the Canadian Cancer Society and report back to you here with the TOTAL donations for breast cancer research!

So we aren't done yet!  Consider this the last push for your pink dinosaurs and donations!  Thank you so much!