Saturday, April 3, 2010

I've got Ichthyosaur Fever! how about you?

Okay people, with just under a month before the Ichthyosaur gallery goes up it is time to get serious about the fish lizards.

Not that many of you haven't already put in a good start to this effort! Peter's discussion post has been among the most successful yet here on ART Evolved. However it is time to match this talk with art!
As of such I send out a call to arms... errrr art :P

It's time to get our funk on and conjure up some fish lizards! My friend Shoni is down with that, and hopes you'll get there too!

Speaking of Shoni, me and her paid a visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum this week, and paid homage to...

Shonisaurus sikanniensis the largest known Ichthyosaur, marine reptile, and possibly reptile ever! (That overall reptile claim depends on whose weight estimates you believe between Shoni and the big Sauropods).
Seeing this specimen once again I've got my inspiration. Wish I could have brought you all along to get the "infection".

Here is a picture I finally managed to get snapped (I had intended on it 2 years ago, but it never happened :( ). The ultimate set of symptoms for "Ichthyosaur Fever". You'll note in such close proximity to the actual amazing fossil I hold not only the action figure of the beast, but wear the official T-Shirt as sold in the gift shop too!

The back story on this awesome geeking out soon to follow on my blog.

Speaking of outside blogs...

It's live blogging time!

If you're in, either leave a comment or pop off an email to The live blogging post goes up in 3 days. Late participants will be added mind you, but why not be among the first to catch this year's plague?

Hope to see you all in intensive care soon.

(This deranged post brought to you by cold medication, mania {from 3 weeks of fruitless job searching}, and no sleep)