Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome to ART Evolved!

Greetings to our many new visitors from Blogs of Note!

We thought we'd give you a quick formal introduction to ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule. In a nutshell we are a website dedicated to palaeo-art, whether it be professional or amateur. Of course this begs the question what is palaeo-art?

Palaeo-art is a work of art that somehow (whether accurately or not) connects us with the prehistoric past. These typically involve organisms from these long ago times, plants and animals (most often extinct), and as of such are influenced intentionally or unintentionally by fossils and the science of palaeontology.
Due to the vast scope of this subject matter (Billions of years worth!) ART Evolved has multiple blogging members to help do some justice to this genre of art. You can get to know us through our profiles here (these are in alphabetical order). Two of our member's have already had their individual blogs featured by Google as Blogs of Note, can you figure out which two ;)

ART Evolved's most unique feature, which we are the most proud of, are the Time Capsule Galleries of Life. Every two months we select a gallery theme for which everyone and anyone can submit a piece of palaeo-art that roughly matches this theme.

The materials, medium, and composition are completely up to the artist. The piece does not have to be scientifically accurate or even based on reality, and most important do not have to meet any quality standard. In other words, so long as it vaguely connects to the theme we will post it no matter what. Best of all we will fully credit you on your piece, and link to your site or blog. Already in our sites' 9 month history several members have gotten so much deserved recognition and publicity. So please if you like to create art consider participating in these galleries!

You can check the Time Capsule galleries here. The individual galleries can selected from the right sidebar.

Our next gallery is Palaeo-Environments (you can find out the details about it here), which is a departure from our previous galleries. It should be a lot of fun. So try to get a piece in for it by Jan. 7th 2010, or at least be sure to check out the art we do get then!

You can contact us or send submissions to Also feel free to use the comment sections on our posts for any feedback or questions.

There is a lot more we could say, but we'll let the site speak for itself. So enjoy, and hope to see you around the site again. Also please consider participating in some of our galleries in the future!