Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guest Scientist Spotlight: Andrea Baucon and his book "Geology in Art"

With ART Evolved's growth comes increased notice from scientists and artists from around the world. This sort of interaction is wonderful and welcome, and we'd like to share it with you! First came our Guest Artist Spotlight, and now I am pleased to begin our Guest Scientist Spotlight series.

Welcome to the first installment of Guest Scientist Spotlight, where ART Evolved highlights a scientist involved with paleo-art. Our first guest scientist is Andrea Baucon, a paleontologist from the UNESCO Geopark Naturtejo Meseta Meridional in Portugal. Andrea's research interests are focused on the study of trace fossils, but he is also studying the relationship between art and geology.

As a contribution to the subject of GeoArt, Andrea has published the book “Geology in Art: an unorthodox path from visual arts to music.” In the book, he develops a theory of Geologic Art. The book crosses centuries and genres, from Botticelli to paleoart. You can visit, the official website of Andrea's project about geology in art. From here, you can see a full-preview of the book (on Blurb) and order a copy, or you can read his webzine about Geologic Art and see many beautiful examples of GeoArt.

The book looks great and absolutely fits ART Evolved's mandate! In fact, our own Flying Trilobite Glendon is highlighted in "Geology in Art" with an interview and a two-page spread, including some of his art! I personally love the term 'GeoArt' - an all encompassing word that includes Paleo-Art.

Check out more about Andrea Baucon at his website and see his book at

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