Monday, December 7, 2009

Transitional ART Forms: November 2009

Welcome to the November 2009 installment of...

To begin my apologies for the delay in getting this post up. I had intended to post it Dec. 2nd, but a ill timed web explorer crash (I had a explorer tab open for EVERY single item in this post so I could keep track of links and such), ART Evolved becoming a Blog of Note, and preparing to move countries in less then 2 weeks all got in the way. I hope no one is too upset.

Hopefully I make up for this, with what has been a surprisingly busy month for Transitional ART Forms!

I think this is in no small part due to the recent explosion in palaeontology related blogs. With so many more people blogging about prehistory it is hard for just little old me to now keep track of all thing palaeo-art on the web per-month, so again ART Evolved needs YOUR help. If you see anything remotely Palaeo-art related on the web please send the link our way here at Thanks ;P

Without further ado...

This remarkable Trilobite is the creation of callovium_shale and despite its somewhat CG appearance is an actual sculpted model!

Zach has put together some cool illustrations of Euoplocephalus and several other armoured creatures for an article of his here.

Glendon's got a cool X-Mas Trilobite card, that you can buy here.

Glendon also put up the rather interesting Ammonite Flax Flower piece.

Angie has also discovered a company who will take her 3D models and turn them into action figures! You can check out her new Dinosaur figure store here.

Mo carries on with his very cool A-Z series of British wildlife. The only bad news is that he has nearly finished!

A Baryonyx is the first offering of the month by Brett Booth

Babbletrish has this cute cartoon Dromaeosaurid

and also her Sesame Street inspired Therizinosaur (Sesame of course celebrating its 40th anniversary)

Oriholic Jared has this incredibly neat origami ammonite.

archelon013 brings us this 3D Mastadon.

the official flickr site of museum de toulouse offers this unique view of its Ampelomeryx statue.

microraptor has created this awesome portrait of Stygimoloch.

Michelle Hedgecock has taken the classic "Day of the Dead" style and applied it to some lifeforms that passed away a bit further back then normal,

Paleoartist has gone all out this month with not 1, here a juvenile Titanosuchus fleeing from an Anteosaurus, but
2 a Epicyon
3 Inostrancevia
and finally 4 pieces. This on being a Jaekelopterus

Walcott's Quarry brought you several Burgess inspired strips in November, including this one by a special guest writer/artist.

We come back to Brett Booth and his thanksgiving themed Dromaeosaur...

It was a very slow month for works in progress posts. Out of all the blogs I follow (which is a lot!) the only true WIP posts for November were my own (there are now some popping up now in Dec thankfully!).

Including my monitor lizardized Tylosaurid.

plus my work on the Kiwi Plesiosaur Kaiwhekea. (I started this in November, but you'll notice the rest are from Dec.)
Feed back on both would be appreciated!

David Hone discusses how sometimes palaeo-art is used to "prove" ridiculous theories and ideas about prehistoric creatures with the rational of those presenting the idea "seeing is believing".

Dr. Hone also brings us a scientific tear down of this particularly bad Pterosaur toy, and how it symbolizes one of the plight of the public perception of none Dinosaurian extinct creatures.

Our very own Nima was dominating the ever popular and influential Sauropod Vertabrate Picture of Week this past month.

Zach Miller's redention of the new Novemeber dinosaur Aarondynx Celestae

Dinosaur Tracking brought us the story of the World War 1 Jingo the Dinosaur and its tie to America's involvement in that conflict.

National Geographic had plenty of coverage AND art for Paul Sereno's collection of odd African Crocodiles.

This piece was a particularly popular restoration through out the blogosphere. Giving a good fossil comparison of Kaprosuchus saharicus the BoarCroc with a restoration. I could not find any artist credit on the NG site though, which is a little disappointing. Does anyone know who created the army of Crocs?

The legendary James Gurney proudly announced that his Dinotopia sequel Journey to Chandra will be released in Greek soon!

The first issue of the new Dinosaur themed comic Age of Reptiles was released by Dark Horse this month.

Though hardly new Palaeo-Art at all, the Library of National Congress posted this classic article from 1904 about Brontosaur graced by art by Charles Knight!

Finishing off with a vintage piece of palaeo-art, Davor brings us this rarely seen piece by Henry Harringer.

That brings us to the end of this summary of November. Can't wait to see what December brings!