Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Plates or Armour Vote post

As many have noticed we have still yet to get up the Plates and Armour poll. Well despite our best efforts Blogger refuses to let us create a poll at moment. After dozens of attempts (I'm really sick of typing it all out for the record!) we just can not get this rather vaguely identified error to go away (it claims we haven't completed the poll form... which every time we have!).

So rather than make you all wait, we are going to set up this official vote post. Sorry to everyone who cast a vote elsewhere, but could we please get you to recast your vote here. At moment votes are spread over at least three different posts, and we don't want anyone's choice to get lost. So if you could please cast your vote again here in this post's comment section.

For those of you how missed it, the topic of this vote is whether our next gallery should be Plates or Armour?

Plates- The Stegosaurs

Armour- The Ankylosaurs