Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Relaunch Gallery: Feathered Dinosaurs!

The votes are in, and you the people have spoken.

It was a tight race. The win was by a mere two votes. Still a win is a win and given the new reality of AE's administrators all having less time these days, it has been decided.

ART Evolved will be cutting back the time capsule galleries from every 2 months to every 3. So that is sadly a lose of 2 galleries, but hopefully the quantity and quality in the four increases with the extra time in between galleries to create more and/or better art.

So we will as of 2012 be holding galleries every February, May, August, and November of each year. We have tried to tailor these to avoid common busy times of the year as best we can (the Northern Hemisphere's summer is a tough one to avoid outright though). Let us know you're thoughts.

So our relaunch gallery in February of 2012 will be the Feathered Dinosaur gallery. While that sounds like it is ages away, it is actually in only another 3.5 months! Be sure to take advantage of this extra time! Also please help us spread the word about this gallery and the new schedule...

If you're new to the site, we accept any and all artwork submitted that is themed around any of our gallery topics. Just send your submission(s), along with any accompanying text you'd like with them, and the link to your website/blog/online picture gallery to our email, and we'll post them!