Monday, September 12, 2011

Pete Von Sholly Speaks out about Dino Revo

Dinosaur Revolution artist Pete Von Sholly has opened up about the trials and successes of working on the show here.  Be sure to check it out for Pete's first-hand insight into Dino Revo's making!

In my own opinion (Bond), I have never seen dinosaurs that look as good as those on Dinosaur Revolution.  They stand alone in the amount of extraordinary skin detail and intricate colour patterns, as well as the glorious feathers on the smaller theropods.   They truly look like real animals!   For me, the standouts are the Trexes, Troodons, and the feathered microraptor-like critter from the third episode (what's his name?). 

This STUNNING look to the dinosaurs and other creatures shown in Dinosaur Revolutions is all due to the amazing efforts of the artists involved, including Pete, Angie Rodrigues, Ricardo Delgado, David Krentz, and many others!  Thanks for all your hard work!