Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pink Dinosaur Wrap-Up

WHAT A BLAST!  What an amazing fundraising event!  I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for helping out and sending in your wonderful work!  YOU made Pink Dinosaurs the success it was!  

Craig is planning to do a real finale post summing up Pink Dinosaurs very shortly (stay tuned!), but I wanted to let you know right now as to the final total amount raised through the fundraiser.  For full details, check out the Pink Dinosaurs Event Page, where we had posted a fundraising goal of $500.  So, how much was raised?

A grand total of $556, donated to the Canadian Cancer Society!  We did it, no, YOU did it!!

The biggest Thank You ever goes out from ART Evolved to You!!

 Please click to enlarge the compiled mosaic image and view every Pink Dinosaur!