Monday, July 12, 2010

Show Your Support!

Professional Hollywood production artist Peter Von Sholly has for the past couple of months been featuring a fun series of prehistoric themed adventures of Tuxford Noodlefactor and his faithful dog Hounduu.

However despite all the effort poor Peter has put into both the art and the sharing of it with us online, few have given him any support or kind words in his comment section. Which has caused him to feel no one wishes to see this work, which I think is a shame as they are really cute and well done.

Please pop over to his blog and immediately check out:

The Dinosaur Hunter posted in its entirety (This link is just to the front cover. He doesn't have a label up I can link to. If you hit "Newer Post" on all these posts you'll be taken to all the new pages in order)

and Dinosaur Circus only half posted (This link again is only just to the front cover, so likewise hit "Newer Post" on all these posts to be taken to the next page)
So do please pop over, check these out, and most important let Peter know if you like his work or not!