Friday, July 2, 2010

Email Mix Up!

The AE administrators are embarrassed to alert everyone of an error on their part with regards to the email address submissions get sent to.

For the record that address is

However in a recent post it was mistakenly typed as artevoled This is not a real address and emails sent there will just vanish into the ether of cyberspace.

If you sent in a piece to our recent Trilobite Gallery but it hasn't been posted, you probably followed our false instructions. Again our apologies.

In fairness to the poor administrators, in their efforts to advertise and promote this site they type both the email address and the website address an awful lot. There was bound to be a slight mix up/blending eventually. At the same time we know it may cause a couple people a slight pain.

Hopefully we'll learn from this mistake and it won't happen again!

Also be sure to recheck out the Trilobite Gallery, as a few new "misplaced" pieces have finally made their way into the Gallery.