Monday, June 14, 2010

Initiating Anti-Spam Measures!

In an effort to combat the spam-bots, ART Evolved has decided to try using Blogger's comment moderation. Hopefully this will stop the increased spam attacks we've been noticing in the comments section!

Do not be alarmed!

The administers promise to be very quick in approving comments, allowing wonderful palae-art discussions to continue uninterrupted!

If you are an ART Evolved member, you will not have to have your comments moderated. Blogger will allow any member of the blog to comment instantly! So no problems all around! Yay!

Peter, on behalf of the admin team!


Traumador said...

this a test of the instant commenting AE system...

Traumador said...

it worked!

so there you have it ART Evolved members your comments will be posted instantly!

we're sorry to all non reader members. those evil spammers are ruining it for everyone else!

Trish said...

Thank you! But I'm really here to say that the graphic is wonderful.

Glendon Mellow said...

Hold on to yer butts!