Monday, May 10, 2010

Philosofossilising- What is Palaeo-Art? Introduction

Welcome to our first philosophy question here on ART Evolved.
What is Palaeo-Art?

Don't expect the answer on this post. In fact don't expect any definitive answer at all. As this is obviously a very subjective topic. However you can (hopefully) expect some different thoughts on the topic, and possibly have these make you think about Palaeo-art in a whole new light!

What we now need are people's answer to this question! If you have your own answer to this question we want to read it!

We are accepting answers from anyone and everyone who would like to answer what they think palaeo-art is! If you are not a member of ART Evolved simply type your "essay" up in a word processor and send it our way at

When we say essay, we don't mean pages and pages of writing with tons of references (though we also won't say no if you're so inclined :P). All we mean is that instead of simply replying "Palaeo-art is X", we want a little more of your reasoning to help people understand (or even be convinced by) your point of view. So a claim of "Palaeo-art is X" should be accompanied by a paragraph or two of support about Y and Z.

If you want art examples to accompany your article we'd love it. Though do please follow our art crediting stance on this site, and include the artist's name with their piece!

For our ART Evolved members we ask you to include the header and footer we are emailing you to keep them all nice, tidy, and easy to read as a series. If you make the cut and paste before typing up your essay you won't even notice the effort!

Guest writers of course do not have to worry about this, as the administrators will frame your post with this for you. In guest writers cases, if there is a specific format or place you'd like pictures or text to go, make it much easier for the administrators and create your article in a word processor rather than an email (where formatting can easily be lost).

So happy philosophising everyone, and check back for some big prehistoric ideas in the next few days!