Friday, May 1, 2009

A Minor Delay

The title of this post will give away the fact that this is not the Synapsid Gallery.

Due to the current lack of submissions (cough cough), I'm holding off putting up such a sparsely populated Time Capsule.

Many people have told me that they need more time, and that is perfectly fine. Afterall this is meant to be fun, and so the deadlines are meant more as a rough target, rather then a true cut off. So if you're midway through your creation, or for that matter been meaning to do one and putting it off, there is still time.

The main reason I'm delaying the post is the major formatting issues caused by adding pictures to an already existing post in blogger. Some have noted that the Ceratopsian gallery has many "problems" with its formatting. These were caused by repeated reentry into the post and adding more pictures. Sadly some of the glitches can not be removed (at least with my minimal html knowledge). I'm trying to prevent such a headache happening with this new gallery by an economy of uploads (the Ceratopsian had 10-12 waves of adding pictures).

Once I receive 10 entries for the Synapsid Gallery I will post it. So if you definitely want to be on the Gallery's initial launch please get your entry in soon. The good news is I'm only halfway to this goal so many of you can still make the cut, and if I get more then 5 around the time of posting they'll all be included. It's just a headache to reformat the whole thing due to single uploads.

Of course further pieces beyond these 10 will be added, but you may have to wait for other late entries to come in, as again I wish to try and keep the formatting issues on the final post to a minimum this time.

Thanks for your understanding, and a big thank you to those who've gotten their entries in! Also a preemptive thank to all of you about to send in their submissions (even if their late :P).