Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Palaeoart Time Capsule is being buried for fossilization

Hey all,

Craig here. It's been a little while.

Life has not ceased to be busy on my end, and I just can't afford the time and energy for palaeoart like I could in the old days, let alone this blog.

Given blogging's overall near extinction over the past years, and the complete lack of new proper palaeoart posts on this site, I thought it was time to properly and truly admit that this site and its mission are over.

What has in particularly prompted this mode of thinking, is a number of correspondence to the site's master email of nature's I'm uncomfortable with: science denying palaeo-bros complimenting the recent posts for their "ivory tower bashing" ( posts I have not been vetting or really reading), and others wishing to advertise/promote their own commercial interests on this site without any real contribution of art to the great palaeo community.

Peter and myself did not establish this site for these purposes. This was supposed to be a community site where artists could share their prehistoric artwork, and for several glorious years we succeeded. However with the evolution (fittingly) of social media, I feel this site's purpose has completely expired.

I'm especially uncomfortable with the anti-science enthusiast emails, and this has really resolved my decision. This blog was me and Peter's brain child, and I do not want it to be remembered as being anti-palaeontologic science.

As of such I'm truly mothballing ARTEvolved. I'm disabling all non founder members access to the site, and expect this will be the last post unless blogging undergoes some sort of miraculous resurgence (and again I'm pro science, so miracles don't hold any stock with me).

Thank you to ALL our contributors and artists. You all helped make this a site a big success back in the day, but I feel that time is now long past, and I want to formerly retire the ARTEvolved legacy...

The blog will be left in its articulated form to fossilize in the strata of the internet. So fret not, the content we all created will continue for as long as this virtual geologic formation we call the internet endures.

Thank you again everyone

Craig (and Peter)