Friday, July 20, 2018

Craig's Latest

For anyone paying attention (and I don't expect that to be many of you ;) ) I've been threatening a palaeoart project for quite sometime. The project kept dying in its tracks partially due to paying (board game) gigs, but also my over ambition.

I'd kept dreaming of doing animations for Youtube, but of course animation is very time consuming and hard. So I'd be overwhelmed fairly quickly.

However it has recently occurred to me why do I need animation for little sci videoes? Why not just do a series of storyboard style illustrations with narration?

So thus my big break through!

Here is a sample of what I'm up to now. Let me know what you think of the style.

I assure you this is not pure fan art. I'm planning on tearing this scene from the recent motion picture apart scientifically in a quick little kid friendly video.

Again I'm the guy who put together this Mosasaur Jurassic World size chart back in the day...