Monday, August 6, 2012

China Palaeo-art August starts

I just returned from a two week trip to mainland China, and while I was there I naturally visited all the museums I could. All the while recording the art I saw along the way.

I'm still in the midst of sorting all 3000 of the photos I took (I take a LOT of panoramas, so it'll condense to probably more like 1000ish). As I go I'll be sharing some of the unique things I discovered.

It has been very interesting moving to Asia (I currently live in Hong Kong these days), as I'm finding they have a totally different set of palaeo-artists in their books and museums we just don't get to see in the West (while many of our well known artists still appear here too). I'll try to share some of them over the next month.

My first example is this beautiful sculpture from the Beijing Museum of Natural History's Chengjiang display. Sadly the signs were all in Chinese (and my wife couldn't find a reference to it while skimming for it) so I couldn't find the name of the sculptor. If it was listed or written anywhere. In any case it is a lovely piece of art.