Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Unrelated Gregory Paul News...

Almost like clockwork, Gregory Paul has just had his (what now seems to be) annual melt down on the Dinosaur Mailing List for the year. As this time around it doesn't really pretain to art (unlike last year), I'm only going to briefly cover it.

There are common trends in this year's version with the last one though. Greg still seems to feel that as the "biggest" and "smartest" Dinosaur fan out there, no one loves them or knows like him so once again he can claim ownership of them and tell the rest of us to piss off. You know because the world works like that.

The particular issue this time is Mr. Paul jumping into a discussion about the origins of flight, and telling everyone to stop trying to touch the subject, as he has magic definitive data that will end the controversy forever... We JUST have to wait the year, to two year, to whenever till he gets it published...

Because remember people science isn't about speculation and theorizing from multiple viewpoints or vantages. It is about dogmatic declarations from a single source (can you believe I STILL dig this guy's atheism writings, despite his palaeontological attitude mimicking religion's dogmatism)

Also note I've specifically linked to the brilliant rebuttal by Dr. Heinrich Mallison and not just Mr. Paul's original post. I thought the reply was really funny in how too the point it is.