Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recall the Dogs (errr Raptors) of War...

I got a very prompt reply from Cretaceous Studies in regard to my recent email, and very clear lines of communication have now been opened. (There is a strong chance my initial email got spam filtered... I only wrote three lines with a link... A classic spam configuration. That was my bad!)

I am declaring an immediate cease fire against Cretaceous Studies for the timing being, as its owner and operator Stan has admitted mistakes were made, and has shown an eager willingness to try to change and fix the problems on his site. An initial move that has impressed me (considering he did it all within hours).

Hopefully we can work with Cretaceous Studies to get Stan's picture crediting and usage up to snuff (and for a few hours effort he has definitely tried quite hard) so he doesn't have this artists up in arms problem against his site again.

The take home message for everyone, especially non-artists, is when trying to approach an art community be sure to extend credit to the artists and image makers that have helped make site interesting. Above all else do not open with a joke about art theft or illegal image use (Stan has admitted that this joke of his really backfired, and I would have to agree putting aside my pitch fork...)

Thank you again to everyone who pitched in and helped us really flesh out this case for Stan to see. Also a public thank you to Stan for taking this seriously, and wanting to make things right!