Monday, March 19, 2012

ART Evolved is a No Pin Zone sadly...

Our apologies to any and all Pinterest users, but ART Evolved is a pin free site for the time being.

Given all the uncertainty and potential worry caused by the copyrights and ownership terms on Pinterest regarding posted material, I am blocking AE material from being posted there until I can better confier with the rest of the AE administration.

My concerns stem from ART Evolved being a trusted group content site. If it turns out that Pinterest can somehow gain ownership of any material posted on its site (or even try to claim such ownership), I do not want to see our ranks of gallery participants find their work all snipped off this site (fish in a barrell as it were with the galleries). Given how many people have entrusted us with their hard made art I feel it is my duty to protect this art from potential theft (which admittedly Pinterest hasn't outright done yet, BUT what I've been reading shows some worry about it in the future).

This is not necessarily a permanent situation. Again the administrators need a chance to touch base on the issue. Additionally if you are not pleased with this move please let us know in the comment section below or an email to  Again I'm not trying to be a killjoy. I'm just safeguarding the needs of the many till I know more.

This also will not effect member's work posted elsewhere. This block only exists (at least as far as I'm aware) on the ART Evolved site itself.

Sorry for the trouble this might cause you.



David Orr said...

I think this is a sensible move. I wish I was more optimistic about the site responding to the concerns. But they know what they are. They wrote their TOS. I had hoped that this would be an improvement over the black hole of citation that is Tumblr, but it appears that it isn't. Rather than wait for the site to take action, I've deleted my profile.

Glendon Mellow said...

Good move Craig. It doesn't stop everything, but it helps. I wonder why they didn't make an opt-in code?

I've written a lot about Pinterest lately, but it's important I think to note I didn't know about this until Craig posted it.

Craig Dylke said...

Glendon- Yeah there was no consultation with anyone when I did this for the record. As I tried to make clear this was an executive call I made immediately after reading the articles about Pinterst on Symbiartic.

Again there is room for change or negotiation if anyone is really upset by this. However at moment on here and on Facebook I've only had agreement. So we'll just see where the discussion goes from here.