Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feathered Dinosaur Reminder!

Fans of all things prehistoric and feathered be sure to remember here at the end of the month we'll be hosting the Feathered Dinosaur gallery!

Palaeo-bloggers please help us spread the word about this gallery launch event with perhaps a minor post on your blog. Artists you've got 2+weeks, can't wait to see what gets produced.

Any and all feathered Dinosaurs are welcome. So be sure to have yours in on Febuary 1st (we do accept and post late submissions... though late entries are at the whim of Peter's and my own schedules. For the record, during the school year, this will result in very probable delayed inclusion])

If you're new to the site, we accept any and all artwork submitted that is themed around any of our gallery topics. Just send your submission(s), along with any accompanying text you'd like with them, and the link to your website/blog/online picture gallery to our email, and we'll post them!