Saturday, June 25, 2011

CIID 2011, results: "and the winner is... Davide Bonadonna!"

Diplodocus carnegiei vs. Allosaurus fragilis.

Yesterday, the museum of Lourinha has published the results of the last International Dinosaur Illustration Contest (7th edition).
The contest received 74 works by 29 artists of 10 different countries.

The winner was Davide Bonadonna, with his beautiful illustration of Diplodocus and Allosaurus!
This is another proof of Davide skills and, more generally, of the cleverness that all italian paleoartists use in this job.
In 2009 Davide won the third prize on the sixth edition of the same contest.
In 2010, he was prized with the Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize in the scientific illustration category.
Davide was also the creator of the most important illustrations used in the "Dinosauri in Carne e Ossa" exhibition.

To view more illustrations of Davide, check out his website: