Friday, April 15, 2011

Two New Blogs enter the Paleoblogoshere!

A HUGE welcome to the paleoblogsphere goes out to two new blogs:

Xanthopan morganii praedicta by Jacqueline Dillard

Xanthopan by Jacqueline Dillard

Come see biologist Jacqueline's goregeous art each post, accompanied by the science behind the featured creature!

Read her first post on Xanthopan morganii praedicta, also known as Darwin’s Hawk Moth.

Manidens condorensis by Nobu Tamura

Paleoexhibit by Nobu Tamura

Check out paleontologist Nobu new blog, featuring his wonderful paleoart!

Read his first post on Manidens condorensis, the new Patagonian Heterodontosaur from the Middle Jurassic!

Be sure to check them out and follow them both!