Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Philosofossilising: The Gregory Paul Emails

Famed Palaeo-artist Gregory S. Paul has recently sent out a series of public emails making requests and demands of other Palaeo-artists to cease certain practises with their own art, and we think these emails have raised several valid philosophy questions. Meaning its time for another Philosofossilising here on ART Evolved!

What we now need are people's thoughts on these emails and the issues Mr. Paul raises! If you have an opinion on any part (or all parts) of Mr. Paul's emails we want to read them!

We are accepting essays from anyone and everyone on the topic! If you are not a member of ART Evolved simply type your "essay" up in a word processor and send it our way at

A brief breakdown of Gregory Paul's emails include the issues of:

  • People copying his artwork
  • Owning what he is calling the "Gregory Paul Style" of palaeo-art
  • Claiming ownership of his exact pose of skeletal reconstructions.
  • Calling for people to cease basing their live reconstructions on his skeletal reconstructions.
  • For other artists to stop underbidding him on art contracts.

Here are the links to Mr. Paul's emails for your specific reference. The first, second, and third