Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Banner

As you'll no doubt notice, instantly visiting our site today, we have a brand new banner here at ART Evolved. Normally such a thing on a blog probably shouldn't warrant too much fuss, but as ours is the accumulation of several people's work I thought I'd point it out. Especially if you wanted to make comments (please do let us know your thoughts on this new intro to our site).

There is a more complete and comprehensive post coming on the concept, story, and art behind the new banner.

The quick version though is it is a piece of art that tries to capture the diversity of palaeo-art and the community here at ART Evolved. While it is a singular piece in a sense now, it is composed of 6 individual pieces by 5 different artists. Whether we were successful or not, it up to you the viewer.